Guided Trips

The Skeena is the second largest river in British Columbia flowing through the community of Terrace before making her way through the stunning coastal mountains and old growth forest for about 120km on her way to meet the Pacific Ocean. People from all over the world flock here to fish her waters. The Skeena hosts some of the largest and biggest runs of wild steelhead and salmon in the world.

The Kitimat River is another famous river located about 70km south east of Terrace. This river boasts some of the best spring steelhead fishing that northern B.C. has to offer. These fish are usually chrome bright and fight like no other.

The Steelhead House in nestled in the heart of Skeena country and not too far from the Kitimat and Nass watersheds. To anglers these rivers are the Holy Grail when it comes to steelhead and salmon fishing. Our season begins in March when the steelhead start showing up chrome bright and fresh from the ocean. By the first week of June the big springs (Chinook salmon) make their first appearance of the year. It is not uncommon to see them exceed 30lbs. Runoff is usually in the months of May and June and then by July you have pinks and sockeye salmon showing up followed by summer run steelhead, coho and chum. There are not too many times through the year when you can't wet a line.

When your here at The Steelhead House you are treated with a level of customer service like no other.

All our fishing packages include your accommodation with airport pick-up and drop-off, your meals and your guiding and instruction.

What You Need To Bring! 

  • Single hand rod should be 8wt or 9wt and 9 1/2ft or 10ft.
  • Double hand rod should be 8wt or 9wt and 12 1/2ft to 13 1/2ft 
  • Lines-dry line and skagit line with multi-tips.
  • 15 ft (type 3, type 6, type 8) sink tip
  • Also 10/12 ft lengths of T8/T11 sink tip
  • Some extra Steelhead flies but most will be provided.  Best colours to look for are pink, black, and purple.
  • Maxima Ultra Green tippet material 15lb and 20lb spool.
  • Good rain jacket, waders, boots and lots of warm under layers.  Plus heavy socks, wool hat and a good pair of gloves.