About Steelhead House

We are happy to say we have experienced six great, memorable seasons here at The Steelhead House in Terrace, B.C.  2016 was another great year with big, bright steelhead and salmon caught and respectfully released.

Great guests flew in from around the globe, and many smiles and good laughs were shared on the river, around the fire and of course at the dining room table. Be sure to check out the gallery for updated pix! 

We are headed into 2017 spring steelhead season for March, April and beginning of May.  After that comes chinook on the fly starting up in June and going through until the end of July and then we have the summer run steelhead starting up end of July until mid October.  In addition to catching steelhead and chinook salmon there is always the chance of catching other species such as sockeye, chum, coho, pinks and trout.

So here's to a great year and looking forward to quality time with you here at The Steelhead House.


All the best! Darren, Missy and River


Darren Wright

I have been fishing for as long as I can remember, my parents had a rod in my hand since I was a young lad. I grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario and played hockey for a good portion of my upbringing. For years I did jobs that made me a stronger person but always knew that one day I would be doing what I love and that is fly fishing.

I have been guiding for 20+ years and enjoy every minute! I wouldn't change a thing about my life.


Missy MacDonald

Well my dream in life was to have a B&B/Lodge and now we are able to follow it. I also love to fish. I had been fishing in Alberta for years and in the last decade found the love for steelhead! I grew up in Sarnia, Ontario and decided one day I would move to Banff, Alberta and live the dream of skiing. I have worked in the hospitality industry since I can remember and learned that I enjoyed it so much I could do it forever!